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Internal FSK/FFSK/GMSK Multimode Modem for Motorola PROIS Radios

P8402 modem is intended for use with Professional Series Motorola Radios with PROIS interface.

This modem is constructed around a powerful digital signal processor, and it has a great degree of flexibility, enabling it to be adapted to customer specific special functionalities. As its external counterpart (P8501 External Multimode Modem) it has a common hardware for all its operating modes.

Among its configuration options, it has optional muting of data frames, specific-channel data transmission, or voice-over-data or data-over-voice priority. It can work with FSK, FFSK or GMSK modulation types, and can provide data over ratio transmission up to 14400bps. It has been designed with the open filosophy that characterizes our product range, being easy to integrate in existing networks.

It can be supplied with RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485 data interfaces.

This modem can be used with the following Motorola Professional Series radios : GM140 - GM340 - GM160 - GM360 - GM380 - GM328 - GM338 - GM339 - GM398 - GM399 - PRO3100 - PRO5100 - PRO7100 - PRO7200 - CDM750 - CDM1250 - CDM1550 - GM-Databox

HV Sistemas is acredited as Motorola Application Partner for Professional 2-Way Radio Products in the EMEA zone
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