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Multiple Inversion Voice Scrambler with optional Man-Down Functionality

Model P8602 is a voice scrambler for use with Motorola Professional Series portable and mobile radios with PROIS interface.

This voice scrambler is based in a powerful digital signal processor, and its encryption mechanism is based in the spectral division of the voice spectrum, its inversion and trasposition. It has 65536 possible keys, providing better security than the traditional split-band voice scramblers, within a similar price.

It also incorporates other functionalities like over the air reconfiguration thanks to its integrated modem, and can be also tailored to specific customer requirements. Additionaly, it has a very low power consumption, a very important factor for portable radios, and also provides an excellent recovered audio quality.

Also, as an option for portable radios, it can incorporate man-down functionality, implemented using a precision high-sensitivity accelerometer, capable of measure the vertical angle of the portable radio. The scrambler software also incorporates the necessary functionality for putting the radio into emergency mode when the radio is out of its vertical position for more than the pre-programmed time.

HV Sistemas is acredited as Motorola Application Partner for Professional 2-Way Radio Products in the EMEA zone
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