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General Purpose Board for Motorola PROIS Radios

Model P8603 is a general purpose board for Motorola Professional Series radios with PROIS interface.

This board can be custom tailored to different functionalities in its software, as for example complete radio control through serial RS-232 port, messaging functionalities using the integral radio LCD display, etc.

It is based on a powerful digital signal processor, so modem functionalities with compatibility with the full HV Sistemas modem range can also be incorporated to the board. Its external data interface can be RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485.

Depending on the installed software, this board can be used with the following Motorola Professional Series radios : GM140 - GM340 - GM640 - GM160 - GM360 - GM660 - GM380 - GM1280 - GM328 - GM338 - GM339 - GM398 - GM399 - PRO3100 - PRO5100 - PRO7100 - PRO7200 - CDM750 - CDM1250 - CDM1550 - GM-Databox - MCX700 - MCX720 - MCX760 - MCX780

HV Sistemas is acredited as Motorola Application Partner for Professional 2-Way Radio Products in the EMEA zone
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